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Tesema Leistungselektronik • Raiffeisenstrasse 10 • D-61250 Usingen

Rückspeiseeinheiten - 100% kundenspezifisch!


Power: 3 kW .. 180 kW 
Power factor: Cos phi = 1
Voltage range: 200 VAC .. 480 VAC
Clock frequency: 8 kHz .. 12 kHz

100% customized!

The return systems are suitable for all types of energy sources in which a generated electricity is to be fed back into the grid. For example, also with the highly efficient cool torque motors/generators of our sister brand TAE Drive Technology. We ensure optimum efficiency and reliable operation through careful design and selection of high-quality components.


  • single-phase and three-phase
  • Mains voltage adjustable according to default
  • Fieldbus interfaces: Profibus, CANopen, MODbus RTU
  • All common EtherNET-based bus systems


  • wind power
  • water power
  • lifts
  • centrifuges
  • Lifting and conveyor systems 

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