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Our added value for you

  • Digitalization of proven solutions/ Industry 4.0
  • Development, qualification and production under one roof "Made in Germany"
  • Device development in cooperation with university institutes
  • Help with discontinued components and products
  • Experience at all levels – from the component to the overall system
  • Support for your development challenges

Customer-specific development and production

Each device and every system is developed with great care and individually with regard to your customer's requirements. Competent and experienced employees ensure high-quality manufacturing quality and a long service life.

100% quality "Made in Germany"

A high quality awareness of each individual in our company is the basis for our success. Consistent quality assurance of all work processes, endurance tests and 100% final inspection before delivery are a matter of course.

Qualification, approval and documentation

According to your requirements, we qualify the system or device. We support you with the necessary approvals and also provide the necessary documentation: from the device description to the operating instructions.

LEAN production

En route to "lean production" and to the elimination of "Muda", we will be supported and accompanied by the inventors of the "Kaizen methods" - by Japanese personnel who helped to create the structure of the "Toyota production system".

Our objective is to reduce the order throughput time, from your order to delivery, to the pure manufacturing time and hereby eliminate waste.

We can thus supply much faster and you receive the ordered quantity right at you desired date. Lean production lowers stock levels, we don’t store any finished parts and semi-finished parts have an extremely short retention time in our plant. This cost advantage increases our competitiveness and lowers your purchase price.

Production lines/ flow production

We are committed to our objective of achieving "One Piece Flow" production. We no longer produce in departments (winding in the winding room, assembly in assembly department), but work hand in hand exactly in the order that is prescribed by the value-stream flow.

  • We reduce the lead time to the pure production time
  • We react at short notice to fluctuating customer requirements
  • We offer consistent quality from the first product off the production line

    Kanban/ just-in-time delivery

    We deliver to you in "Kanban" method, "just in time" and in the ordered quantity. And all of this at no additional cost for you.

    • We deliver to you with the »Kanban« method, right when you need it
    • We deliver to you the required quantity at the respective time
    • We deliver to your production line, if desired also in complete sets

      Your advantages

      Benefit from more than 40 years of experience, a strong group and a reliable partner

      As a developer

      • Short development times
      • Quick sampling
      • Selection of long-lasting, suitable materials
      • Safe and standardised components
      • Component supervision

        As a buyer

        • High-quality components
        • Reliable fulfilment of demand, i.e. delivery reliability & adherence to delivery dates
        • Good price-performance ratio
        • Attractive logistic services
        • Development and production under one roof

          As a QM representative

          • Examination of new materials and technologies
          • Use of improved materials
          • Quality assurance in production
          • Certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001
          • Audits by appointment