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Customer-specific inductors have been the core know-how of Pikatron GmbH and trafowerk Creuzburg since 1974. Tesch EMC has been developing and manufacturing EMC components since 1967. Tae Antriebstechnik has been solving the tasks of classic power electronics from analog technology to microelectronics since 1980.

Tesema uniquely combines all power electronics with decades of experience in a new brand to create tailor-made solutions for our customers.


Our staff in Usingen


Customer-specific inductive components and systems in primarily manual production:

  • Switch mode transformers
  • High-voltage transformers
  • (Audio) transmitters
  • Coils and chokes
  • Antennae and RFID
  • Magnetic sensors
  • System solutions

Customer-specific inductive components primarily in partially automated production:

  • One-phase transformers
  • Three-phase transformers
  • Toroidal transformers
  • Autotransformers
  • Power inductors
  • Transformers with rectification
  • Transmitters and converters

Customer-specific EMC filter solutions in primarily manual production:

  • Line filters
  • Top-hat rail mains filter
  • Signal filters
  • Filter capacitors
  • Feedthrough filters
  • Cabin filters
  • Filter cabinets


We are located at four sites in Germany (Usingen, Rasdorf, Wuppertal and Creuzburg) and a foreign-based production site in the Czech Republic.

Headquarters in Usingen

Location in Rasdorf

Location in Creuzburg

Location in Pisek, Czech Republic

Location in Wuppertal