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Creation of device concepts, circuits and layouts

Tesema Power Electronics has all the necessary tools for the development and design of assemblies, devices and systems. We plan the right solution for you - from the creation of the specifications to the prototype. 

Plants: Creation of the plant structure and documentation with PROPLAN

Device design: Simulation with Ansys tools, circuit and layout development with Eagle

Design of standard-compliant components, devices and systems

Tesema masters the entire spectrum: from the component to the system. Years of routine in the design of inductive components, coupled with experience in circuit development are the prerequisite for a successful result. Compliance with the standards is a matter of course. For the admission you will receive all necessary support.

Experience: Design of passive components, EMC components, circuits, devices and systems

Certification authorities: Close cooperation with institutions such as TÜV, UL and VDE

Development of analog and digital hardware

The development of hardware is one of the core processes in system development. With a wide range of applications from highly sensitive measuring circuits to microprocessor controls to efficient power electronics, the know-how is in one hand: at tesema Power Electronics.

Measurement: Current measurement, voltage measurement, measured value processing

Power electronicsIGBTs, thyristoran controls, switching power supplies, inverters

Digital HardwareMicroprocessors, microcontrollers, DSP

Dimensioning of passive components and groups

In conjunction with Pikatron, Tesema has over 40 years of experience in the development of passive components. Whether transformers, chokes, capacitors or sensors. The components are tailor-made and tailor-made for the intended application.

Inductive components: Transformers, transducers, power chokes, sensors, high-voltage transformers

Condensers: Implementation capacitors, film capacitors

EMC components: Mains filter, signal filter

Development of embedded software

Our second core process of a digitized solution is the development of embedded software. Effective control and regulation concepts, as well as the networking of the systems are everyday tasks for us.

Programming language: ANSI C, Assembler

Development: Keil μVision for microcontrollers, TI Code Composer Studio for DSPs.

EMC-compliant device design and EMC tests

With our EMC development team, we design all devices according to the applicable EMC guidelines. Both in the careful layout and in the device design, we pay attention to EMC-compliant design. With our measurement technology, we can localize and effectively eliminate interference and conduction-bound interference.

EMC components: Development of interference suppression components such as filters and capacitors

EMC measurement technology: Interference radiation and conduction-bound disturbances

Device production, testing and endurance tests

In our high-performance production, we build the end device. We are equipped for the construction of the prototype as well as for series production. All devices are 100% tested and undersition an endurance test before delivery.

Manufacturing: Component production, device and assembly production, control cabinet production

Examination: Safety test, functional test, climate test, endurance test

Mechanical device design

We construct the complete environment of the hardware. With our 3D CAD workstations, we generate the data for the later production of all mechanical parts. Here, too, we have competent and experienced employees who implement your ideas of installation space and size precisely.

Construction: 3D-CAD Autodesk Inventor

Sampling: Rapid Prototyping, Prototype construction